Treasure Island Large Group Coordinator - Wilmington


Port City Church Wilmington is seeking a high energy and infectious personality who has a passion for teaching K-5 children about Jesus to oversee and support the Large Group Environment in Treasure Island. See link below for full Job Description and to apply.

This position is Part-time hourly


This individual will report to the Treasure Island Director at the Wilmington campus, supporting the mission of PC3 and children’s ministry by:

  • Assisting the Treasure Island Director in coordinating and supporting an engaging Large Group experience in keeping with the overall purpose and values of Port City Community Church.
    • Result: Treasure Island will have a large group experience that accurately represents the culture of Treasure Island and effectively prepares children for the small group experience.
  • Creating the content for Treasure Island’s large group experience;
    • Result: Treasure Island will have large group content that clearly supports and aligns with the overarching learning goals, principles and values of the ministry.
  • Adapting the curriculum for the Wilmington Treasure Island environment for Large Group;
    • Result: The TI Large Group Coordinator will have developed a repeatable and efficient method of adapting the curriculum that may be delegated to a team for use by the Large Group teams.
  • Collaborating with the Treasure Island Directors at all PC3 campuses on adaptation and implementation;
    • Result: The campus Treasure Island Directors will have the knowledge and training to adapt the Large Group content for their own contexts easily and simply.
  • Sourcing, purchasing, and distributing appropriate large group materials.
    • Result: The TI Large Group Coordinator will engage a team of volunteers to handle the practical implementation of large group content.


  • Must be a believer of Jesus Christ and an active participant of Port City Community Church (a history of active participation is preferable).
  • Must demonstrate a value of and naturally participate in personal evangelism.
  • Must be passionate about reaching kids and teaching them about Christ
  • Must be a team-oriented person with the ability to design, implement and mature objectives of the Treasure Island ministry.
  • Must excel in ministry commitment, conduct and professionalism.
  • Must possess training and development skills.
  • Must be action and goal oriented.
  • Experience must include program development and execution. Must be able to assist in financial planning and management of the operations of Treasure Island ministry.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Excellent organization and diplomacy skills are essential.
  • Must be highly ethical and able to process sensitive information confidentially.
  • Must demonstrate an acceptable balance of confidence and humility, and
  • Be willing to proactively address issues in accordance with scripture and in alignment with the Port City Community Church statement of faith.


  • Assist in the development of a clear vision and goals for all aspects of the Treasure Island ministry
  • Assist in developing a specific vision for the Treasure Island large group experience
  • Plan, coordinate, administrate tasks/logistics to recruit, audition and train an engaging team of large group volunteers, including hosts, storytellers, 4/5 speakers, singers, Explorers and Hype Team that reflect the overall purpose and values of Treasure Island
  • Identify key volunteers to work with while delegating duties
  • Regular ongoing evaluation of the large group experience
  • Maintain Planning Center including scheduling volunteers and programing elements
  • Maintain MyPC3 groups for any large group volunteer teams
  • Writing scripts and other large group content
  • Oversight of all aspects of scripts (content, alignment, feel, etc.)
  • Gather, build and maintain props and costuming for all aspects of large group
  • Set up of Sunday props and costuming during the week
  • Regular and ongoing implementation of new songs to TI’s music catalog to keep music fresh, relevant and developmentally appropriate
  • Serve as staff point for stage volunteers on Sundays
  • Coordinating weekly rehearsals for volunteers for all aspects of large group
  • Regular and ongoing collaboration with the TI Curriculum coordinator to ensure cohesion between large group and small group
  • Regular and ongoing collaboration with the TI Production & Media Coordinator to ensure cohesion between stage and production elements
  • Most active role in TI’s creative meetings — including, but not limited to taking ideas from creative meeting and translating them in to content for scripts/large group
  • Most active role in TI’s weekly meetings
  • Coordinating a system of organization for dispensing large group content to all campuses (scripting, music, etc.)
  • Regular ongoing personal development
  • Intentionally remaining culturally relevant/current
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned


  • This position is hourly non-exempt for 29 hours per week (excluding lunch). Schedule to be worked out with direct report.