Fill In The Blank

Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. Psalm 86:11


"Teach me your way, Lord, so that I __________." How would you fill in the blank? 

For most of us, our response either centers on the need for more information, removing an obstacle or cleaning up a mess. It might focus on a relationship, a financial situation, or an uncertain medical diagnosis. We tend to complete the sentence with requests for insight and relief so that we can get on with a life we can control relying on our own strength. 

Resting goes against our nature. We resist it at all costs due to fear and pride. We run at the speed of our expectations trying to prove and to please. As a result, the weight of the world remains on our shoulders. Because we feel forced, we force things, which often makes our situation worse. We push in hopes that one day we will eventually be able to rest, but it always remains just out of reach. Many of us are weary from carrying a load we aren't designed to bear. 

We want God to teach us His ways so our lives will be easier and more manageable. We’re exhausted from spending our days tracking at this pressured pace, but we don’t know how to slow down or stop. 

So, we look to God in hopes He can provide a little relief form our circumstances. But, He responds to our requests in a way we weren’t expecting. 

Where we see obstacles, God views opportunities for us to trust in His faithfulness. We must make our obstacle list our trust list. When we live at our designed pace, we walk at the speed of trust that rests securely in the unforced rhythm of God's grace. We withdraw from the demands of our days, not just to relax, but to see and to trust. 

Jesus invites us to walk with Him under His direction and at His speed.


  • What obstacle do you want to remove right now in your life? How could you instead utilize this obstacle as an opportunity to trust Christ?


God, teach me your ways so I can rely on Your faithfulness. Rather than relying on my own strength to experience security, help me to rest in You and You alone. May I spend my days walking in the unforced rhythm of Your grace. In Your name, Jesus. Amen. 

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